Web tracking

WebTracking is an innovative modular solution for the mobile management of goods deliveries.

Web-based, developed in HTML5, provides a web portal to access, from any mobile device, all the tracking functions for goods delivery, geolocalization, delivery bill dematerialization, delivery acceptance with digital signature.

Requiring no local client installation, WebTracking is a multi-platform solution, updated centrally and highly scalable, with a very simple and easy-to-understand interface to streamline the work of incoming goods employees.

Offering the possibility to operate also offline, the solution can be implemented using any operating system: IoS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome OS.

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Administrator login to load delivery bills for operators
Operator login to view delivery bills
Upon delivery, selection of delivery bill number from preset list and status definition (delivered/undelivered)
Web-based dashboard for administrators to check delivery status and possible alerts
Storage of delivery lists in database both locally (smartphone) and on webserver, with data synchronization
Transfer of information in database to legacy systems through dedicated connectors