Web store

WebStore is an innovative modular solution for mobile store management providing Retailers with a portal to access, from any device, all the necessary functions for complete store management.

WebStore is a Web portal developed in HTML5 language, it does not require to install local clients, it is a multi-platform solution, constantly updated from a centralized location and offering very high scalability and portability.

This web-based mobile solution for retail, featuring a simple and intuitive interface to navigate the different modules, is modular and can be customized to specific customer needs.

Web Store can be integrated with the back-end systems of Retailers and the most popular ERP solutions.



in-store order management
in-store inventory management
Product master data management
Shelf price control
Competition price collection and monitoring
Shelf out-of-stock control
Automatic reorder and history
Mobile printing
Goods transfer management
Various movements
Re-pricing and promotion management for fresh products approaching best-before date
Incoming goods control
Stocks replenishment