MC shop

MC-shop is a client/server solution for in-store mobility designed for all mobile terminals based on Windows CE/Mobile.

This solution for mobile in-store management is customizable, modular and scalable, allowing to be adapted quickly to the specific requirements of each Retailer.

MC-shop uses a SQL Lite-based resident DB offering a solid synchronization system. Like other solutions of Trade Mobility Suite, also this Windows CE mobile solution for Retail seamlessly integrates into the customer’s back-office and ERP systems.

With MC-shop, you can easily control all in-store operations, managing all functions “on the go” to optimize and increase the efficiency of processes and operations.



In-store order management
In-store inventory management
Product master data management
Shelf price control
Competition price collection and monitoring
Shelf out-of-stock control
Automatic reorder and history
Mobile printing
Goods transfer management
Various movements
Re-pricing and promotion management for fresh products approaching best-before date
Incoming goods control
Stocks replenishment