Droid store

DroidStore is a modular client/server, developed for all typys of Android devices, that enables the all-round management of mobile in store operations.

Within this customizable and scalable Android mobile solution for Retail, each module can be used standalone or in combination with other functions, allowing custom implementations.

DroidStore features speech recognition technology to input and confirm quantities, a useful capability to speed up inventory and order operations.

Characterized by very high speed in item search operations, this solution for in-store mobility part of Trade Mobility Suite keeps a record of previous orders and can send them to suppliers and logistic centers automatically.



In-store order management
In-store inventory management
Product master data management
Shelf price control
Competition price collection and monitoring
Shelf out-of-stock control
Automatic reorder and history
Mobile printing
Goods transfer management
Various movements
Re-pricing and promotion management for fresh products approaching best-before date
Incoming goods control
Stocks replenishment