Hardware Integration

The right device for in-store process management

DSM group‘s hardware integration experience applied to mobility has been growing since the early Nineties, when the company was the first to develop forward-looking solutions to help customers leverage the benefits of mobile business.

Over the years, system integration activities have focused on mobile devices and terminals, using very different protocols, working concepts and operating systems.

Based on our experience as hardware integrator, in our in-store process management projects we have introduced the devices that best matched customer needs and desires.

The mobile registration, access and management of data and information have been implemented by means of scanners, barcode readers, RFID devices, handheld terminal, industrial terminals, up to the recent adoption of PCs, smartphones and tablets.

System integration activity goes beyond this scope. The market is evolving very fast, and today we are already approaching new wearable devices to manage in-store mobility even more easily and ergonomically.

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